On the Rectory Lawn

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Tuesday 01 August

I thought you might like to know what my husband and I do first thing in the morning!

After initial civilities we roll out of bed and stand at the window. What we see when we look out is like a scene from a Disney film- think Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. So far we have not spotted any actual singing princesses - nor has Bambi put in an appearance as far as we know but we do expect them at any time because the scene is set for them every morning. The grass is live with lolloping bunnies (who have so far had the decency not to eat our cabbages, though I expect they are waiting till they are bigger and crunchier!) Squirrels chase each other up and down trees, and across the lawn. Pigeons murmur sweet nothings on the fence that is designed to prevent the badgers rootling up the lawn. (It doesn’t work of course.) Bees fumble around in the lavender and green woodpeckers stab at the grass.

The interesting part is the interaction. The blackbirds and pigeons pursue and converse with the rabbits. The woodpeckers keep themselves to themselves, the robins are kings of the garden and everyone gets flustered by the thuggish clattering jackdaws. The lawn is a veritable Eden teeming with creation that co-exists harmoniously with us. By and large we don’t mind the pillaging of our produce or the desecration of our lawn- as long as we get SOME of what we grow!!

But there is a snake in our Eden. Well, not precisely a snake. A fox- a gang of foxes. We see them at all hours of the day. We have had several close shaves and expensive vet bills when one of them caught our cat. They peer menacingly in through the window at night when we are watching television. They are beautiful and they have cute cubs but they are bad neighbours. We try to deter them with smells and lights and noises but they ignore it all. They skulk under the car and lurk around the bins and they bring fear and menace into paradise. They are the big bad wolves in our Disney landscape.

Isn’t that so with life? So much beauty and goodness and joy so often marred by fear and selfishness. I cannot do much about the foxes on the lawn (“Vicar murders Basil Brush” would be bad PR) but in real life there are things we can stand against. We can notice when our own wants and desires threaten to turn us into some version of the big bad wolf. We can challenge the same in others and we can choose to celebrate and build up what is good and not add to what is evil.

Just a fluffy thought for those summer moments on the lawn. Enjoy!

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