Canal Links

'I also am cut out of the clay' (Job 33:6)

All Saints has a rich history entwined with that of the canals. Many old boating families settled in Braunston when the use of the canals for haulage finally died in the 1950s and 60’s and the village is greatly enriched by them. We enjoy our association with the traditional boating families and with the many leisure boaters who pass our way.

We are very privileged to work with Braunston Marina on open air worship for the great Historic Boat Show and appreciate very much the support that marina owner Tim Coglan and his team give All Saints in a variety of ways.

Please see below for useful links:

Braunston Canal Society

Boaters Christian Fellowship
Christians who have an interest in the canals, not necessarily boat owners.

Braunston Marina

Canal Ministries

Canal & River Trust

Waterways Chaplaincy