All Saints' Church Community

Like most village churches we have a core of long-established (which may or may not mean “older”!) worshippers who mainly live in the village. However we are increasingly attracting younger worshippers who live outside the parish and this is a trend that we welcome. Regular worshippers are busy in other parts of the community too, being salt and light and helping out and joining in as appropriate. We realise that the village does not neccessarily owe the Church a living and that only by going out, joining in and being of use will people without faith see purpose and value in the message of the gospel. A Church Community for its own sake is very cosy but is not fulfilling its purposes of loving God, loving our neighbour and spreading the gospel of Christ. We are giving much thought to this at present within our various discipleship groups.

Church of England Churches like All Saints’ are there to serve everybody and we do not officially have “members”. Anyone is welcome and the church has pastoral care of every single man, woman and child in the parish with an obligation to baptise, marry or conduct a funeral for anyone in the parish. This means that the church community is broad and contains a large number of infrequent worshippers who only come to certain types of service. Our challenge is to encourage more people to worship God more often.

Because the primary school in Braunston is a Church of England school we collaborate closely. The vicar and other church community members are on the Board of Governors and on a team who deliver Christian worship to the whole school every week. We consider all the children to be a part of the Church community and while few attend on Sundays all come to Church once a term for school services.

Every church has its council (known as the PCC). This is the decision-making committee for the Church. Click here to see who's who on the PCC.

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