Outreach at All Saints'

Whilst we are in Interregnum some of these activities may not be operating


All kinds of activities come under the heading of "outreach" as you might expect. We intend to develop these pages in due course. In the meantime some key areas of work include the following:

Taking Home Communion to villagers who are unable to get to church – A small group of trained and licensed Eucharistic Assistants visit people in their homes to share Communion with them. Although this is looking after church adherents it is a vital piece of outreach because the housebound can very easily fall off the community radar!

Taking an informal Songs of Praise community service out to the Green, the Marina or Village hall can more than double our regular congregation. We do this two or three times a year and attract those who like to sing hymns but do not appreciate trekking to the far end of the village for a more "formal" act of worship.

Peace at Lunchtime, an initiative that began in February 2012 is growing steadily. It offers a short, peaceful and informal act of reflection and prayer followed by lunch. The idea is offer fellowship and discussion over food to people who rarely eat with others. It currently attracts about half church regulars and half non-attenders. Numbers have grown from 6-16+ and we are developing a fondness for puddings!

As well as non-standard worship the Braunston Village News is an important outreach tool for us. A monthly letter from the vicar written chiefly for those who would not usually attend church provokes all kinds of responses, occasionally hostile, some extremely positive but widely read. The church edits and co-funds (with the Parish Council) the magazine which is viewed as a real asset to the village.

Fetes, Fairs, Concerts, Social events - Like many village churches these enjoyable events serve the dual purpose of fundraising and getting out into the community and enriching the village.

Collaboration with District and Parish Councillors - seeking ways that we might bring the whole community together in initiatives to benefit all, and especially those who find Braunston a very difficult place to live is for the church a Kingdom matter (but it does not matter what we call it). All Saints' has been instrumental in helping to catalyse:

Braunston Community Car Scheme, launched in 2013 by Rev Sarah and Abigail Campbell, and which offers transport for village residents who have reduced mobility or who do not have their own private transport.