Regular Sunday Services at All Saints'

Like many churches we have a pattern of Sunday services based on which week of the calendar month it is. The world at large probably doesn’t care whether we are in the first, second, third or fourth week of the month but it does make sense (honestly!) and a quick look at your diary or planner will tell you which week any given Sunday falls in.

As our congregation grows and particularly if our efforts to bring more families to worship God are blessed, we may, in time, discern a need to alter our patterns and even style of worship. We have no specific plans but will always try to provide worship that glorifies God, teaches the gospel of Christ and is appropriate for those who come along. Church should not stand between God and his people. Equally, people, please be patient if we don’t always get it right.

First Sunday of the calendar month:

11am Parish Communion & Junior Church
6.30pm Evensong (BCP)

Second Sunday of the calendar month:

8am BCP Holy Communion
11am Family Service

Third Sunday of the Calendar Month:

8am BCP Holy Communion
11am Parish Communion & Junior Church

Fourth Sunday of the Calendar Month:

8am BCP Holy Communion
11am Family Communion

Sneaky Fifth Sundays:

11am Usually Parish Communion

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