Twenty First Century

Twenty First CenturyThe early years of this century has seen a growth in private narrow boat ownership, the canals are probably busier now than in the height of the freight carrying days.  More private boats are being moored in the Marina and more boat owners are buying houses in Braunston to enjoy the close proximity of the canal, its history and culture. Braunston is a tourist attraction and the ‘Cathedral’ is certainly on the tourist route.

All Saints’ Church Braunston has overlooked the village and the villagers for over 10 centuries and the canals and the boat people for over 300 years, providing regular services, Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals. Offering ministry and support to its parishioners, standing for Christian values  as an example of how to live, we fully expect to see, like the canals, a renaissance in the Faith and use of the Church.