Parish Nurse

Maggie Murray
Maggie Murray

Hello, I'm Maggie the Parish Nurse for the community of Braunston. If you are wondering what a parish nurse is, I will seek to explain in a few short paragraphs.

A parish nurse is a registered nurse employed by the church to help promote the health of the community in which he or she works. The parish nurse isn't a replacement for the district nurse or social care but to complement existing services. In my role, I am able to offer monitoring such us routine blood pressure, observations, weight checks, nutritional, falls and medications advice. I also offer support to families and carers. If a person required wound dressings or injections, the district nurse would do that.

Although employed by the church my remit is for the whole community, no matter what faith or no faith. Parish nursing is all about holistic care and parish nurses have time to give support for emotional and spiritual needs as well as physical which is very difficult for district nurses due to time constraints. I know this very well having worked as a District nurse for over 20 years and latterly as a practice nurse in a GP practice.

Already over these past two months, I have been able to give support after hospital discharge to patients and carers, to refer patients to GPs, social work, occupational therapy, housing and voluntary agencies. Being able to give people this extra support is a privilege and I am grateful to the people of Braunston who have been so welcoming and for the church who employ me to help care for the community with no cost to the NHS, especially Reverend Sarah and Joanne Gibson who have initiated and organised this project and supported me so well in this role, as well as Jane Moore and Geoff Waghorn in the steering group, and Parish Nursing Ministries UK, especially Barbara Griffiths.

Here are my contact details if you wish to get in contact: I work 2 days per week usually Wednesday and Thursday.
Tel. 07495873565

Look forward to hearing from you or meeting you even if it's just to say hello.


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