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Friday 01 June

Jed Bartlett once said at the start of a speech, “As I look out over this magnificent vista” is something I have always wanted to say as a West Wing fan. I often wondered what it might be like to have such a view in the first place to be able to make such a statement.

Well now I know. I’m sitting in my garden looking out at the most beautiful view of trees, flowers, fields and the canal whilst being serenaded by the most wonderful bird song. I can’t quite believe I live in such a stunning place and I am so grateful to be here.

Pete and I have been in the village for about a month and would like to thank so many of you who have given us such a warm welcome. Braunston is such a friendly place with so much going on. We are both looking forward to getting stuck into village life and hoping to get to know you. I’m always up for a cuppa so do pop in to the rectory to say hello or an invitation to visit you is always welcome.

Life has been full on since my licensing at the end of April and I am very conscious that as I rush from one thing to the next I miss the moments to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the bird song, the stillness and calm of the canal and the sheep idling away in the fields.

I am reminded of a book in the Bible called Ecclesiastes chapter 3, that talks about there being a time for everything, that God has made everything beautiful in its time for us to enjoy and it is a gift from God.

The pace of life these days is a fast one for many of us, but I would encourage you as I am trying to do, to look up from the busyness and enjoy the abundance of beauty around here and to make the most of living in this amazing village because it’s not just about the beautiful scenery here, it’s the beautiful, amazing people that make this village so special.

Chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes also says that “there is nothing better for a person than to enjoy their work”, well I love mine, it is a joy and privilege to be your vicar and I pray that I serve you well.

Rev Nat White

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