Junior Church / Sunday School (ages 0-11)


Note - Whilst we are in Intereggnum the Junior Church is not currently operating.



Junior Church!!!!!

Junior church is fun and enjoyable. It takes place at 11am during the Parish Communion service on first and third Sundays of the month. We learn about God and Jesus but in a slightly different way to adults, a way that the little kids understand. Sometimes we learn through stories or games or sometime a sneaky chocolate treasure hunt!! Usually we all go home with an amazing piece of artwork too. I think that Becky is a great teacher and when we come out of the room with smiles on our faces I’m always sure we have had fun and learnt something interesting about God and Jesus!

By Lauren Martins, Junior Church member

Junior Church

Children of primary school age and younger are welcome to join in. They will leave the service after ten minutes or so and have a story and age-appropriate discussion and activities before returning in time to join their parents at Communion and the last fifteen minutes of the service. Part of the adult service involves listening to what the children have been learning. Parents of toddlers are welcome to join them.

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