Update from Maggie

Braunston's Parish Nurse

Friday 16 February

Maggie's first year with us

Hello everyone,

Parish Nurse Maggie MurrayIt's now over a year since I've been in post and I can honestly say, it's been a privilege meeting and getting to know the people of Braunston.

Having nursed for more than 30 years, working in the community for 20 of those years, I can honestly say, you are a friendly, caring community, looking out for the needs of your neighbours and friends. I'm still impressed at the number of voluntary organisations providing various activities to support physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing and not just the number but the quality of care those groups offer.

I remain thankful to Reverend Sarah, Joanne Gibson, Dr Geoff Waghorn and Jane Moore in the steering committee who saw health as an core aspect of sustaining wellbeing and therefore to seek to promote health for all in Braunston. I'm grateful the church chose to fund my role as a parish nurse as a result,

As your parish nurse, amongst other things a great deal of my time has been spent liaising with other health, social and voluntary agencies with the aim of providing holistic care to all I have visited. Sometimes it's just a listening ear, accompanying someone to GP/hospital or simply explain medication or illness. My role is to complement NHS, not to replace it. Therefore for example I don't do dressings, injections etc as I did previously as a nurse in the NHS. 

The important thing is that I have time to sit down with you (which unfortunately I did not have available working in the NHS) and do my best to give you the support you require, or put you in touch with someone else if necessary.

I have visited many people in Braunston, of all ages and needs and you can contact me on my details below for a chat or request a home visit. 

I work 2 days per week, usually Wednesday and Thursday. Outwith these times you can contact me through the pastoral care team at the church who will pass your details onto me on my return. I work under the Nursing and Midwifery Council, code of professional conduct, so you are assured of confidentiality.

Wishing you all the best of health,

Please get in touch.


Contact details:

Tel: 07495873565

Email: parishnurse@allsaintsbraunston.org.uk or

Email: pastoralcare@allsaintsbraunston.org.uk


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