Welcoming Maggie

Parish Nurse for Braunston

Tuesday 28 February

If ever God’s hand was on an appointment then it is on this one!

Maggie's CommissioningIf ever God’s hand was on an appointment then it is on this one! When she saw the advertisement for Braunston’s Parish Nurse Maggie Murray was a GP Practice Nurse in Glasgow. But with remarkable speed and ease, characteristic of God’s will being accomplished, she and her husband Simon arrived in late December to join us here.

On January 22nd it was my delight to commission Maggie for her work among us in the village. In church terms commissioning is all about “Sending out” and so in God’s name and under the authority of all Saints Church Maggie is now officially launched!

We were delighted to welcome to the commissioning service representatives from Parish Nursing Ministries UK as well as members of the Parish Nurse steering committee. You may recognise in the photograph  former Community Nurse Jane Moore and Dr Geoff Waghorn, both residents of Braunston.

Maggie has already made a difference. I’m hearing of real relief at her presence among the terminally ill, gratitude at her ability to join the dots of NHS provision to coordinate resources in a way that most of us cannot do, and new courage to make small changes that make a big difference to quality of life. I am confident that Maggie with her skill and her faith will be a blessing to many in Braunston.  Welcome Maggie!

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