Heritage Lottery Fund Development Project April 2015

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) approved our Final Payment Request/ Completion Report for the end of the project’s Development Phase. Their final payment for this work has now been sent to us. There was then a frustrating delay in our obtaining access to the HLF on-line forms for our Second Round Submission caused by software problems on their system. However, these were eventually overcome and we were able to complete our submission on 9th March together with supporting documents.

We are now awaiting HLF approval of our application. In parallel with the above work we submitted our request for a faculty to Peterborough Diocese allowing us to carry out the restoration works. We are expecting the faculty to be granted any day now. Until we have the above two approvals we cannot authorise our contractor to start work. The contractor needs 4 weeks to mobilise staff and materials.

So it is now more likely that work will start on site late April/early May with a 26 week programme to completion. Whilst waiting for approvals we have been submitting further requests for grant aid to various charitable Trusts. These were Trusts which would only consider applications once we had received tenders for the work. Since we also need to replace our PA system and review our church heating, all contributions will be welcome!

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