All Saints' Heritage Lottery Fund Development Project

The first stage payment from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for our development project has been received.  All the contracts for the roof investigation have been placed. HLF have approved our architect's specification for this work and we are now liaising with English Heritage on the date for the work to be carried out (their expert has to witness the inspection). We anticipate this investigation being completed by the end of August. Our peregrine falcons should be clear of the nest before any work is done!

In the meantime, 4 surveys have been carried out. The asbestos survey gave our building the all clear. The ecologist's survey showed that, whilst we have occasional visits by bats, we thankfully do not have any permanent roost to cause us problems. We are awaiting the written report of the underground drainage survey but verbally we understand that some of the drains on the north side of the building are blocked and will require flushing out. Our safety advisor has surveyed the building and roof access to provide input to the specification for the repair works. We are currently prequalifying contractors to tender for the complete restoration work.

The work on activities to extend the use and knowledge of the church building amongst the wider community is also underway. The Dick Herne History Society is helping with research into the church's history and architecture. This data will be used for to produce new guide sheets for the building, display boards and tours. If there is anyone who would like to assist in putting these new guide sheets etc together then please contact one of our churchwardens. Your help would be much appreciated.

Another initiative is to review our church website, We are currently benchmarking it against other existing church websites and your views and comments on how it might better serve the village community would be very welcome. Please email your thoughts and suggestions to

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