Thy Kingdom come is 10 days of prayer between Ascension and Pentecost, initiated by our Archbishops. Please do take the free resources at the back of church to help you pray for those you know and love to come to faith in Jesus.

21st May Funeral at 3.00pm for Joyce Hunt

27th May. Ashby 2- 5pm Cream teas on the green

12th June Summer Fete.  Donations of cakes will be greatly received.

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All Saints' Braunston & The Blessed Virgin Mary
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Newsletter and Service Bulletin
13 May 2018

7th Sunday of Easter


11:15 Family Service - Br (Hymns: 281, 276, 267, 597,259)
09:30 Holy Communion - Ash (Hymns: Held at Welton)


O God the King of glory, you have exalted your only Son Jesus Christ with great triumph to your kingdom in heaven: we beseech you, leave us not comfortless, but send your Holy Spirit to strengthen us and exalt us to the place where our Saviour Christ is gone before, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.


Acts 1:1-11 (page 1092)
Luke 24:44-53 (page 1062)

Rev'd Nat's weekly message, please see enclosed.

Please pray for:

Children in special need of prayer:

Beau and Flynn, Elizabeth, Joey, Megan, Oliver Bennett

For young ones who are ill, vulnerable or suffering in any way, that they may know God's protection and be surrounded by people who will love, cherish and nurture them.

Please pray for the sick and those in need of comfort:

Beryl Tacey, Blaise, Brenda Hobbs, Brian Branch, David Baker, David Coleman, David Fennell, David Ronnie, Gill Powell, Honor McKichan, Jackie Green, Jim Rumins, Joanne Pawlett, John Gray, Kathleen Lee, Lancy Boniface, Laura Kibblewhite, Linda Hirons, Mark Ridgewell, Monica Brown, Pat Milner, Peter Brown, Peter and Lystra Dickinson, Scott Brown, The Jarrett family

For all who are sick or afraid, for those waiting for, or recovering from treatment & for those who care for them & worry about them.

Please give thanks for the lives of those who have died recently & for all who mourn their passing:

Edna Burrows, Joyce Hunt, Tony Gilbert

We thank God for the promise of new life won for us all by the resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ and his triumph over death and the grave

Give thanks for the lives and legacies of those in the year's mind:

Alma Sadler, Bob Waite, Dennis Clarke, Dot Watson, Eileen McGrath, Hilda Hall, Isabella Cullerton, John Long, Margery Drury, Peter Hick, Rita Thompson, Robin Hewitt, Rose Whitlock, Samuel Mc Neill, Vivian Hall

For all those who mourn and whose grief, old or new, God sees and brings His peace to - may they find comfort in the knowledge of the resurrection of Christ. We give thanks for those whom we have loved, who now know Jesus face to face.

Please pray for our clergy and lay ministers:

For all who are called to try to convey the love of Christ to the world, flawed and imperfect as they always are. For our Bishops Donald and John; for the Daventry Team clergy: Dawn, Mary, Michael, Nat and Nigel; and lay ministers.

For those in our community:

For all who so desperately need to know God's grace and who do not realise it, that the presence of the Risen Lord may be revealed to them through the kindness, compassion, love and prayers of those around them.

For the work of our churches:

That with the Holy Spirit as our inspiration and guide, we may be united in faith and creative in action as we seek to continue building up God's kingdom in our three villages.

Diary Dates:

Sunday 20th May Services:

8am Morning prayer

9.30am Holy Communion at Ashby St Ledger

11.15am Holy Communion and Junior church