Regular Sunday Service Types

Parish Communion - first and third Sundays of the calendar month at 11:15am

This is a friendly middle-of-the-road service of Common Worship (currently the standard form of words used in the Church of England) Holy Communion. Parts of the service are sung – (don't be put off by that. You'll pick it up or you can just listen to the choir sing those bits!) and hymn choices are fairly traditional. Children are welcome and there is usually a Junior Church provision (or at least a colouring corner if we are short of leaders) for part of the service. The sermon is generally grown-up. Refreshments are served afterwards. You can expect to be with 50+ other worshippers at this service on an average Sunday.

Evensong (BCP) - first Sunday of the calendar month at 6:00pm

This is a sung service from the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) which is a joy for the traditionally minded and those who like worship to be peaceful and restrained. The language of the BCP is beautiful and rhythmic (and seventeenth century) and for some its familiar cadences represent the best way of worshipping God. The choir leads responses and canticles (special liturgical songs adapted from scripture and set to music.) Hymns are traditional and appropriate for evening worship. The sermon is short and adult.

You can expect to be with 12-15 worshippers including the choir at present so there is work to be done and we would very much welcome new aficionados of the BCP to this monthly service.

BCP Holy Communion - second and fourth Sundays of the calendar month at 8am

A service for early birds! We use the Book of Common Prayer of 1662 (now in large print too!) The service is quiet, simple, without music and with only a short sermon or reflection on the bible readings to break the flow of this most traditional of celebrations of Holy Communion. As is often the case with services of this type people either love it or loathe it but it is, for some, a much appreciated oasis of tranquil and poetic worship. We typically see between 8 and 12 worshippers at this service which is held in the St Giles chapel in the far left corner of the church (near the votive candle stand).

Family Service - second Sunday of the calendar month at 11:15am

This is an informal and cheerful service for anyone of any age. We do not celebrate Communion at this service. The music is an eclectic mix of traditional hymns and more modern songs. The sermon slot is interactive, often involving members of the congregation of all ages and the cringe factor that you get in many family services is generally absent! This is about enjoyable and enthusiastic worship that gives glory to God and teaches something of the gospel to those who come. There are always refreshments. You can expect to be among 40-50 fellow worshippers with variable numbers of randomly appearing and disappearing children!

Family Communion - fourth Sunday of the calendar month at 11:15am

This service combines the style and tone of the family service with a shortened and accessible celebration of Communion. Hymns and songs are well known and singable, the talk is interactive and children help alongside adults in various activities and roles as part of building up family participation in all our worship. Refreshments are de rigeur.

All Ages - fifth Sundays of the calendar month at 11:15am

Every now and again a month bounces us with an extra Sunday which ruins our carefully contrived pattern of worship. Unsurprisingly, these are known as "fifth Sundays". The worship at Braunston on these rare and magical days is still at 11am and is usually non-Eucharistic (no Communion).

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