Peace At Lunchtime

Note - Whilst we are in Intereggnum Peace at Lunchtime is not currently operating.


Having started in 2012, Peace at Lunchtime (or PAL as it is affectionately known) is one of our most successful initiatives. It was the brainchild of one of our older worshippers who suggested that our church did not offer much to people who are on their own all week and never get to share a meal with anyone. The late, great Sheila Rowley rolled up her sleeves, raided Sainsbury’s for soups, and PAL was born with just five takers including Sheila and the vicar.

It now takes place on most Wednesdays in the Parish Room in the church and has about 23 regulars. Not everyone comes along every week so numbers fluctuate usually between 16 and 25 – which makes life interesting for the cooks! Portion sizes can be slightly unpredictable!!  Our kitchen facilities are somewhat inadequate to the task of feeding twenty but the blitz spirit gets us through with many hands making light work.

We start at 12.30 with half an hour of story, discussion, prayer and reflection- all very informal, with lots of laughter – and then out come the tables and food is served by a small group of volunteers. Everyone contributes what they can and food is purchased from the pot and by donations.

PAL is fun and friendly and is very much part of the church community although around half of those who come are not usually involved in Sunday worship. It is a great place to bring newcomers to the church as everyone is truly welcome and the group is joined from time to time by some of our transient visitors from the canal.