Meeting the Vicar

People often get twitchy about a visit to the vicar to talk about wanting to get married. Please don't. As far as she is concerned meeting wedding couples is one of the best bits about being a vicar and she promises not to ruin it by trying to tell you about the birds and the bees, (that's "sex" to you youngsters who have dispensed with squeamish euphemisms) especially if you already have fourteen children between you. However, the vicar does have a sketchy idea of what is involved so if you don't then feel free to ask but otherwise we'll dispense with that particular Victorian formality.

Unless you are struggling for a qualifying connection or one of you is divorced the conversation is likely to be straightforward. We do marry divorced people at Braunston but at the vicar's discretion bearing in mind a number of key pastoral issues and the pain that your divorce and coming together may have caused others. Every case will be judged on its own merits and the vicar may ask some quite nosy and challenging questions before agreeing to remarry you.

Apart from that the conversation will fall into two main topics one of which you will probably find infinitely more fascinating than the other.

  1. Planning your service
  2. What the Church believes about marriage

On the basis that delayed gratification is good for the soul (and that this is a Church website) we shall start with the second first (please click here to continue).

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