Growth Action Plan: Year 2 (2016)

Following a review of the first year of our Growth Action Plan, the GAP team and PCC presented the objectives for Year 2 of our Growth Action Plan to the congregation at the family service on 10th January 2016.  

Again, a sincere thank you to everyone for generously giving of time and talent to help with the mission of this church in this way, as a number of objectives are already under way, and some have even been completed.

Thank you too for all those who have volunteered to help with some of our Quick Wins (marked QW) in the presentation - and it's not too late if you still want to help with anything - please speak to the GAP team or a member of the PCC:

Growth Action Plan: Year 2:


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GAP Year 2 Objectives (Adobe Acrobat (PDF))
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GAP 5 Year Vision (Adobe Acrobat (PDF))