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Saturday 01 September

“…To give and not to count the cost…”

This quote is a line from a prayer by St Ignatius of Loyola. It is about generosity. It has been quoted by film stars, prime ministers, Archbishops and Popes.

The summer season is often a time when many people organise fundraising activities for local communities, churches, charities and organisations both in this country and overseas – marathons, fetes, walks, collections etc. Our own village has benefitted greatly from such activities. I am so grateful to all of you who have given and supported the work of your church.

One other charity that has been highlighted to me this summer is the Trussell Trust who organise and run 400 Food Banks across the country. They have also provided hot meals for hundreds of children across the country this summer holidays. Many of these children would have had a hot meal each day at school and their parents struggle to find the extra money needed to feed their children 3 meals a day during the holidays.

We have a collection box at the back of All Saint’s Church for the Food Bank in Daventry. Last year they had 749 referrals, provided 24,500 meals and helped over 700 children and dependants. They do all this through the generosity of others.

We will soon be celebrating Harvest Festival at the school, church and other groups in the village where much of the food that is donated will go to the Daventry Food Bank. Harvest Festival is a time of celebration for the food that we have and to give thanks to God for it. It is also an opportunity to give to others.

I know that Braunston is a village full of generous people who not only give their money but their time and talents as well to enable this village to flourish and be such a great community to be part of.

The Bible talks about being joyful givers and we have a great example of someone who gave in the person of Jesus, someone who gave without counting the cost. Thank you for all that you give.

Rev Nat


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