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Sunday 01 April

Rabbits – cute, fluffy pets, annoying lettuce-munching pests or something tasty to put in a stew?  Where do you stand?  Personally I am on the side of cute, fluffy pet. I had a few as a child and loved them to bits.  If you are a real rabbit lover then you will be up on your bunny vocabulary. Diggerate, meaning to dig at a patch of earth, blanket, sofa, carpet or other item for a period of time, e.g. “Yes I understand your point of view but here’s mine…this carpet needs to be diggerated”.  Nom, meaning to eat and/or nibble, e.g. “I have nommed all my food and therefore will now nom your carpet instead.” (This may explain why my Mum was less enamoured.) And of course Binky, meaning to leap in the air, twisting one’s body while kicking the legs out, an expression of happiness. Perhaps you feel a bit like ‘doing a Binky’ now that Spring has sprung and ‘the beast from the east’ has finally hopped it. There are signs of new life all around us, buds opening, shoots appearing, lambs baa-ing, birds nesting. At Easter we are surrounded with these images. By the time you are reading this I guess the Easter bunny will have done his rounds.  The eggs are a symbol of new life. For Christians, Easter eggs are used as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus.  Resurrection – don’t care, don’t believe, don’t know what to believe, totally believe? Where do you stand on that one?  If you out right reject the concept or struggle with it then you certainly wouldn’t be alone. Whilst you are busy nomming on your Easter eggs bear with me a moment whilst I diggerate into this.  First of all, it’s a choice. It’s your choice. You can’t really sit on the fence on this one. The buck stops here. The resurrection is an invitation, a gift, which you can choose to receive or not.  Christians believe that when Jesus died and was raised to life he overcame death and sin and in doing so offers people the promise of eternal life. The resurrection blasts apart the finality of death. Throughout history some words have inspired hope, comforted the grieving, and motivated others to reach for new heights. But of all the words ever spoken, none have echoed through the ages as the words spoken by an angel at an empty tomb: "He is not here. He is risen!" Those words always fill me with great joy, enough to make me want to perform a Binky in fact. That is where I stand, what I believe. Whatever you believe, wherever you stand, my prayer for you this Easter is that you will be filled with great peace and hope and be surrounded by love.

Anne Parker-Tyler

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