Why go to church?

"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers." Acts 2: 42

People often wonder whether they really need to go to church. After all, if they are a good person and generally believe in God isn't that enough?

Worship is a natural response to God that should re-infect us with faith in the risen Christ every week and strengthen us to go and live the risen life in our homes and workplaces. A Christian without worship is like a coal taken out of the fire. Gradually the heat and the energy and the spark die out.

It is difficult trying to follow Jesus on your own. When the world batters you it can be almost impossible to accept that you are loveable to God and that there is any chance of a fresh start. Meeting regularly with other people and hearing of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus offers support and encouragement.

If you have never been to church but are looking for something to help you understand the joys and sorrows of life, or if you used to go to church but found it yawningly tedious why not give it another try? Your whole eternity rests on the outcome so it has to be worth a look!

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