What the Church believes about marriage

We know that for some of the people who marry at All Saints' the Christian understanding of marriage is unimportant. The attractiveness of the building and the tradition of marrying in a church with all the trimmings are what counts. Churches make fantastic photographs and Braunston is no exception! Others have a mysterious sense that a wedding ought to be in church and that God should be invited even if they do not share the rest of their lives with Him. Others are taken by surprise by the power of making their vows before God and the sense of blessing upon their marriage and it is wonderful when those couples feel moved to come back to us for worship and for the baptism of babies in the months and years afterwards. And of course for others again a wedding without God is unthinkable. Whatever you feel we are delighted that you have chosen All Saints' for your big day and that God is in the picture (though you may not spot Him in the photos ...).

Right at the beginning of your marriage service the vicar will read out something called The Preface (or sometimes the Alternative Preface which is in easier English for modern ears) which explains what the church thinks marriage is about. In essence this is what it says.

  • Marriage was created by God for the benefit of humankind. It is a gift from God and a holy thing
  • Because of this nobody should marry for selfish or trivial reasons
  • It is between a man and a woman and should result in close bonds
  • It is the context for healthy and loving sexual relations that build love, intimacy and trust.
  • It is the context in which children should be born and nurtured
  • It is there so that in good and bad times both husband and wife can find love, strength, comfort and companionship in each other
  • It gives couples a clear position in the community
  • It enriches and stabilises society
  • It is the best way for humankind to flourish

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