Deanery Advent Service 6pm

Come to Barby church for 6pm to join other local churches in a celebration of advent that combines reflection with a call to action. Mulled wine and seasonal refreshments.

A time to thank you before the Christmas rush.

Leaving on Christmas Day means there is no good time for us to celebrate what we have done together. Some of you are away for Christmas and anyway, the incarnation of our Lord takes precedence over the moving on of a vicar! So let's do it  after the 11am service on 17th December. Please don't rush off but join the Browns in church for drinks and snacks so that we can thank you and remember together.


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The Revd Canon Sarah Brown
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All Saints' Braunston & The Blessed Virgin Mary
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Newsletter and Service Bulletin
3 December 2017

Advent Sunday


09:15 Holy Communion - Ash (Hymns: 119, 135, 143, 132)
11:00 Parish Communion - Br (Hymns: 119, 135, 140, 143, 132)
18:00 Deanery Advent Service at Barby


Almighty God, give us grace to cast away the works of darkness and to put on the armour of light now in the time of this mortal life, in which your Son Jesus Christ came to us in great humility; that on the last day, when he shall come again in glorious majesty to judge the living and the dead, we may rise to the life immortal through him who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.


Isaiah 64:1-9 (page 752)
I Corinthians 1:3-9 (page 1144)
Mark 13:24ff (page 1019)

Happy New Church Year! I love how the themes of the coming Kingdom that we have been following in Matthew's Gospel take us into advent and Mark's Gospel and we see how central the expectation of Jesus's return is to Christian thinking. During Advent we see the age long hopes of Israel coming to expression in Jesus. Isaiah 64 is a plea that God will come and act on behalf of his people in a time of injustice, oppression and fear because otherwise there is no hope. We can identify with those things today. There is still a lot wrong with the world. We want Jesus to come back to put everything right but just as many were surprised when he came for the first time so many will be surprised when he comes again. Everyone will recognise him but not everyone will be ready.....

Please pray for:

Children in special need of prayer:

Beau and Flynn, Dexter Ive, Elizabeth, Joey, Megan, Oliver Bennett

Pray for little Dexter still giving concern but to be baptised next week Ask for continued strength for Kelly and Tom and to Dexter's brothers and grandparents.

Please pray for the sick and those in need of comfort:

Beryl Tacey, Blaise, Brenda Hobbs, Brian Branch, David Baker, David Coleman, David Fennell, David Reeve, David Ronnie, Gordon Kemp, Honor McKichan, Ian Wren, Janet Caunt, Jim Rumins, Joanne Pawlett, John Ramsbotham, Keith Lancaster, Lancy Boniface, Leanne Reeve, Linda Hirons, Pat Streeton, Paul Branch, Peter Andrews, Scott Brown

For all who are sick or afraid & for those who care for them & worry about them. For those whose mental health causes difficulty and distress. For those facing their own deaths or those of people they love. That all will realise the passionate love of God for them.

Please give thanks for the lives of those who have died recently & for all who mourn their passing:

Sarah (Annie) Isom, Philip Cole, Harold Thompson

Thank our God that the good news of the gospel brings real hope for all of us beyond death & the promise of a new order in earth & heaven.Pray for those who find themselves alone.

Give thanks for the lives and legacies of those in the year's mind:

Samuel Franks, Nesta Burt, Joseph Alcott, Betty Green, Victor Sanders, Judith Old, Beryl Sampson, Ernest Turner, Sheila Rowley, George Manning

For all those who mourn and whose grief, old or new, God sees & brings His peace. In the power of the spirit we give thanks for those who we have loved who now know Jesus face to face.

Please pray for our clergy and lay ministers:

For all who are called to try to convey the love of Christ to the world, flawed and imperfect as they always are. For our Bishops, Donald and John ; for team clergy Michael, Nigel, Dawn, Mary and Sarah as she faces the reality of moving on. For discernment among those whose job it will be to select her replacement and for all clergy who serve in retirement.

For those in our community:

For all who so desperately need to know God's grace and who do not realise it. For those facing change that they may be confident of God's presence with them.

For the work of our churches:

That this advent as we wait again for the coming of the Lord we may be renewed in the power and conviction of the Holy Spirit so that we may see a great move towards the Kingdom. For congregations facing a time of change

Diary Dates:

Sunday 3rd December - Deanery Advent Praise 6pm Barby church

Monday 4th December 4pm Christingle- Braunston

Thursday 7th December 9.30 am Preschool visit to church

Saturday 9th December 2pm Bennett Renewal of vows

Sunday 10th December - Baptism Dunkeley, Ive and McAllister

Friday 15th December - Christmas Extravaganza - Braunston

Saturday 16th December 5pm Ashby Carol Service

Sunday 17th December 6.30 pm Braunston 9 Lessons and carols

Monday 18th December 9.30 am Braunston School Carol Service

Wednesday 20th December 7pm Heart of England pub Weedon, carol singing mission