No Labels Worship tonight!

For those who like it and for those who have never tried No Labels is on tonight at 6pm. All are welcome!

Team Ascension Day Service 

Change of Venue! This will now take place at Braunston at 7.30 pm on May 25th not Staverton as previously advised.

Licensing our Eucharistic Assistants. 4pm Sunday 28th May Welton

The team Eucharistic assistants and those who take home communions out will be licensed all together at a special service next Sunday. Do come and support Pat, Charles, John, Joanne, Julie, Anne, Janet and others as they are re-commissioned for this important work


Team Vicar:
(Day off: Mondays)
The Revd Canon Sarah Brown
(Tel: 01788 890298)
All Saints' Braunston:     www.allsaintsbraunston.org.uk
Church Wardens: Anne Parker-Tyler (Tel: 01788 899251)
Pat Milner (Tel: 01788 899157)
Secretary: Colin Allen (Tel: 01788 890988)
Ashby St Ledgers: www.ashby-st-ledgers-church.org.uk
Church Wardens: Michael Ball (Mob: 07718 576225)
Janet Weaver (Tel: 01327 312045 / Mob: 07854 918326)

All Saints' Braunston & The Blessed Virgin Mary
& St Leodegarius, Ashby St Ledgers

Newsletter and Service Bulletin
21 May 2017

Sixth Sunday of Easter


08:00 Holy Communion - Br
09:15 Holy Communion - Ash (Hymns: 287, 481, 294, 663)
11:00 Parish Communion - Br (Hymns: 287, 481, 260, 294, 663)
14:00 Baptism Peach
18:00 No Labels Worship


God our redeemer, you have delivered us from the power of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of your son: grant that as by his death he has recalled us to life, so by his continual presence in us he may raise us to eternal joy; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.


Acts 17:22-31 (page 1113)
1 Peter 3:13-end (page 1219)
John 14:15:21 (page 1082)

Christ is risen! Halleluia! As we continue to celebrate Easter we move towards thetime when he will ascend to his Kingdom in heaven and commission his disciples in His Spirit to bring in God's Kingdom. Thursday is Ascension Day and at the team Communion at Braunston we shall launch a 9 day prayer initiative "Thy Kingdom Come" led by the Archbishop of Canterbury between Ascension and Pentecost. We will pray for the world and for individuals that they may come to Christ and that there will be growth and excitement around God's saving acts through our risen Lord. If you cannot make the service do commit to pray. There will be resources in church from Ascension Day.


Please pray for:

Children in special need of prayer:

Beau and Flynn, Elizabeth, Joey, Megan, Oliver Bennett

For children from whom God's love & salvation is concealed out of the negligence or short-sightedness of their elders.

Please pray for the sick and those in need of comfort:

Alan Dent, Alan Montgomery, Alice Brown, Blaise, Bob Jarrett, Brenda Hobbs, Brian Branch, David Coleman, David Fennell, Gill Powell, Honor McKichan, Jacqueline Lancaster, Jim Rumins, Joanne Pawlett, John Ramsbotham, Linda Hirons, Liz Russell, Pat Streeton, Paul Branch, Siobhan Viggars, Stuart Cadamy

For all who are sick or afraid & for those who care for them & worry about them. For those facing their own deaths or those of people they love. For those who do not believe that they are lovable. That all will realise the passionate love of God for them.

Please give thanks for the lives of those who have died recently & for all who mourn their passing:

Sylvia White, Stephen Tuckwell, Joan Lee, Shaw McCloghry, Arthur Taylor

Thank God that the good news of Easter brings real hope for all of us beyond death & the promise of a new order in earth & heaven.

Give thanks for the lives and legacies of those in the year's mind:

Darren Brusch, Thirza Clarke, Adrian Weaver, Gladys Hollis, Peter Lee, Winnie Hutchinson, Eileen Alsop, Isabella Culleton, Sylvia Brewer

For all those who mourn and whose grief, old or new, God sees & brings His peace. In the power of the spirit we give thanks for those who we have loved who now know Jesus face to face.

Please pray for our clergy and lay ministers:

For all who are called to try to convey the love of Christ to the world, flawed and imperfect as they always are. For our Bishops, Donald and John and senior staff dealing with difficult decisions and situations; for team clergy , Michael, Nigel, Dawn and Sarah, For all lay and retired ministers who make it possible to cover the town and villages with diminishing numbers of clergy

For those in our community:

Please continue to pray for David and Leanne Reeve in a worsening situation . For all who so desperately need to know God's grace and who do not realise it. For our councillors and local police and neighbourhood watch initiatives

For the work of our churches:

That we may faithfully notice and witness to the power of the resurrection in our lives that those we meet may see the reflection of His glory and love in what we do and say. For all who partake in the global Thy Kingdom Come prayer initiative

Diary Dates:

Sunday 21st May 6pm No Labels Worship Br

Thursday 25th May 7.30 pm Team Ascension Day Service BRAUNSTON

Friday 26th May -Waterways Chaplaincy Conference at Btaunston. 

Sunday 28th May- 4pm Licencing of Lay Eucharistic Assistants- WELTON

Sunday June 1st PENTECOST

Wednesday June 7th 1.45 School Pentecost Service and Picnic

Wednesday June 14th 7.30 Brixworth - Church Wardens Admission Service

Thursday June 15th 7.30 Deanery Synod- Everdon Church