Heritage Lottery Fund Delivery Project September 2015

Work on our restoration project is now well underway. The stonemasons have taken down some of the unsafe masonry and been removing loose/flaking stonework. Samples of new stone and mortar have been provided to ensure that they match the original as far as possible.

A temporary timber roof structure has been erected over the first valley gutter to provide weather protection whilst the old lead and timbers are being replaced. The gutter has been completely opened up, inspected and remedial actions agreed prior to reforming the wooden framework and fitting the new lead covering.

In addition, actions have been agreed for repair/replacement of the existing damaged cast iron rainwater downpipes and fittings.

On the financial front we have received the £3770 VAT reclaimed from last year’s investigation work and are now submitting our first VAT reclaim forms for the current restoration work. With the start of the repairs, and receipt of relevant invoices, we have now been able to request payment of the £5000 grant from the Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust.

In parallel with the above we have made good progress on many of the associated activities such as,

  • Adding a “Visit Us” section to the church website
  • First draft of church history presentation
  • Final review of Area Information Boards prior to manufacture
  • Completion of new Church Guide Sheets prior to publishing

The church will be open from 2pm until 5pm on Sunday 6th September and Sunday 27th September with a display of photographs of the work in progress and the remaining programme. Tours of the church will also be available at these sessions. See separate notice for details.

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