Heritage Lottery Fund Development Project February 2015

We did not receive the English Heritage final technical approval of our detailed specification and drawings for the restoration works until the end of November. As a result, the tendering period for the works has been prolonged by the construction industry’s standard two week shutdown for Christmas/New Year. We are promised the return of tenders by 23rd January. Hence we are being kept in suspense for a little while longer to see if the tenders match our budget figures.

Following receipt and analysis of the tenders we will be in for a busy period in completing the documentation for our Second Round Grant Application. In addition, if the tender figures exceed our budget then we will need to examine revisions to specification and/or seek further funding. Once the tenders are available we can get back in touch with several Grant Authorities who will only consider applications based on current tender figures.

Providing the above potential problems can be resolved then we should obtain our Second Round Approval sometime in February/ March which will allow orders to be placed for work to commence after Easter this year. In the meantime we are compiling the Final Payment Request/ Completion Report to the Heritage Lottery Fund for this Development Phase. Also, congratulations are due to our architect who has just been appointed architect to Peterborough Cathedral. We are obviously in good hands!

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