Planning a Funeral or Cremation Service at All Saints'

If you are inviting a vicar to take the funeral the assumption is that you are comfortable with some Christian content in the funeral and probably entertain some hope of heaven for the one you love. This does not mean that you have to be religious or a regular worshipper but simply that you are happy for the Christian hope to be expressed during the course of the service and if burial is your choice that you are comfortable with consecrated ground in the churchyard. If this is not the case please ask your undertaker for details of secular officials and a municipal burial site. The Church of England is most people's default choice for funerals and all are welcome but if you are strongly anti-Christian then you might prefer to choose something that you will feel more comfortable with.

Funerals can be highly personalised and within obvious limits of decency you can choose music and readings that are right for the person we are remembering. A Cremation service is restricted to half an hour whereas a funeral service in the church itself can be as long as you need. You might decide to have a small cremation service for family and friends followed by a longer service of memorial and thanksgiving at All Saints or a Funeral Service in Church followed by burial in the cemetery or a short cremation service. We can do whatever you need. However it is worth bearing in mind the logistics of the nearest crematorium being 40 minutes drive from Braunston! Your undertaker will advise on timings!

Whatever you decide the vicar will come and sit down with you to discuss options, plan the service and learn more about the person you have lost so that she can provide the best possible funeral.

We can arrange for light refreshments (coffee, cake, sherry etc) to be provided for mourners in church after the service.

However you may prefer to have your wake at one of the local Braunston pubs:

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