Everybody dies. As the funeral service says "in the midst of life we are in death" yet when somebody you love dies it is the most terrible thing. Christians believe that because of Christ’s resurrection from the dead when someone dies they can enter a new life with God where pain, sorrow and illness are no more and where they may live in peace and love and joy for all eternity. That is wonderful news and does mean that death is not the end but frankly, for those left behind the sting of death is still terrible, paralysing and appalling. Life is never the same again.

Often the death of someone you love can leave you reeling, even if it is not unexpected. You are in unknown territory, in emotional turmoil, possibly feeling physically ill and with a host of things that need doing which you have no idea how to do. You may also have a houseful of family and friends wanting to help and grieve with you and it can all be completely overwhelming. So in case it helps here are some of the practical things that you need to do.

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